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Holiday giving guide for Children’s Minnesota

Here are some recommendations to best guide your giving to Children’s Minnesota this holiday season.

How to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise

Get tips from the kid experts on how to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise.

Children’s Minnesota 2023 summer nurse internship program

Children’s Minnesota is now accepting applications for our 2023 summer nurse internship program! Every summer, we welcome student nurses to a 10-week paid internship at Children’s Minnesota. In this program, student nurses work full time in a clinical setting, learning from experienced registered nurses (RN) as they perform clinical tasks, and patient and family centered care.

Neli’s fighting spirit: a story of strength, unbreakable bonds and the power of advocacy.

Neli Sanchez is 16 years old. She loves art, dancing and listening to BTS. In many ways, she’s a typical teenager — but her journey to this point has been anything but.

El espíritu de lucha de Neli: una historia sobre la fortaleza, los lazos inquebrantables y el poder del apoyo

Neli Sánchez tiene 16 años. Le encanta el arte, bailar y escuchar a BTW. En muchos aspectos es una típica adolescente, pero su camino difiere del de una adolescente tradicional.

Tips for using Halloween to foster your child’s development

From developing motor skills to nurturing social skills, there are a number of ways you can use the holiday to help tiny monsters and superheroes grow physically and mentally.

Keep smiling: Galaan’s advice living with thrombosis

It was the summer right before freshman year of high school when Galaan got diagnosed with thrombosis. Despite the diagnosis turning Galaan’s life upside down, he was able to keep smiling through it all.

Saber que tenía un gran futuro por delante le dio a Marielena la fortaleza y determinación para vencer la leucemia

Marielena nunca olvidará el día cuando, a los 15 años de edad, recibió la noticia de que tenía leucemia. Gracias a la dedicación de su equipo de atención y a su fortaleza, Marielena tiene un gran futuro por delante.

How to talk to kids about vaping

Dr. Brooke Moore, MPH, pediatric pulmonologist at Children's Respiratory and Critical Care Specialists, medical director for respiratory therapy and medical director for the cystic fibrosis program at Children's Minnesota, talks about understanding vaping as parents, caregivers and adults.

Marielena’s vision for her future strengthens her determination to overcome leukemia

Marielena will never forget the day she found out she had leukemia. It was May 23, 2019 – she was 15 years old. The years that followed have been full of adversity – long hospital stays, cancer treatments, a coma, learning to walk again and now dealing with the side effects of treatment. But through it all Marielena found strength in knowing she had a great future ahead of her.