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Ask Dr. Gigi

Preparing kids for surgery

Dr. Gigi Chawla joined "WCCO Mid-Morning" to talk about what parents can do to prepare kids for surgery.

Elijah cochlear implants

Cochlear implants give Elijah new life

Elijah was born deaf, but technology gives him the power to hear the world around him.

Kids – what happens after surgery

When your surgery is over you will stop getting the sleep medicine and you will be moved on a bed with wheels to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. We call it the PACU or sometimes the recovery room. You will begin to wake up and a recovery room nurse will be taking care of you. The nurse will check your temperature, heart, breathing, and blood pressure. You will feel sleepy and maybe a little dizzy. Tell your nurse if anything hurts. Your nurse can give you medicine to help you feel better.

Kids – what happens during surgery

You will be given anesthesia, and you may feel like you are "floating" as you go to sleep.

Kids – what happens before surgery

You will get ready for surgery in the pre-op area. It's good to have a favorite toy or blanket along with you. You'll be given an ID bracelet with your name and birth date on it. It's important to wear this all the time because the ID bracelet helps us take good care of you.

Kids – what to bring the day of surgery

Teens – staying overnight

Staying overnight

Teens – what happens during surgery

What happens during surgery

Teens – what happens after surgery

What happens after surgery

Kids – getting ready for surgery

Here are some things you can do to help get ready for your surgery. If you click on a highlighted word you'll get more information about that word.