Lab Dept:

Transfusion Services

Test Name:


General Information

Lab Order Codes:


Special charges:

HLA Matched-MHLA, AHLA PLA1 Negative – PLAT, APLA1
Platelet Crossmatching PLTX – CPLT


Leukocyte Reduced Platelets; Random Platelets; Platelet Rich Plasma; Platelet concentrate; Leukocyte Reduced Platelet Pheresis; Single-Donor Platelets; SDP Platelet pheresis; Apheresis Platelets; LRPH

CPT Codes:

P9035 – Platelet pheresis, Leukocyte reduced
86806 – Lymphocytotoxicity assay, visual crossmatch, without titration
86813 – HLA Matched
86945 – Irradiation
86985 – Volume Reduction
86965 – Pooling
86903 – Platelet Antigen typing
86999 – Washing
86022 – Platelet Crossmatch

Test Includes:

Leukocyte Reduced Platelet Pheresis consists of platelets suspended in 200-300 mL of plasma collected by cytapheresis. Each unit contains at least 3 x 1011 platelets, and ≤5.0 x 106 leukocytes. One pheresis unit equals 5-6 random unit platelet concentrate.


Test Indications:

Refer to Guidelines for the Transfusion of Blood Components.

Platelet Crossmatching or HLA-Matched Platelets may be useful for patients receiving repeated platelet transfusions who have become refractile, and for patients who repeatedly develop febrile non-hemolytic transfusion reactions after platelet transfusions.

Volume Reduced Platelets are indicated in the event that ABO - incompatible platelets must be transfused due to availability or in patients with severe fluid restrictions. Refer to Blood Component Compatibility Chart

Lab Testing Sections:

Transfusion Services

Phone Numbers:

MIN Lab: 612-813-6824

STP Lab: 651-220-6558

Test Availability:

Daily, 24 hours

Turnaround Time:

1 - 2 hours

Standard Dose/Volume:

<10 kg: 10 – 15 mL/kg up to one unit or 50 mL maximum

10 – 15 kg: 1/3 pheresis unit

15 – 25 kg: 1/2 pheresis unit

>25 kg: 1 pheresis unit

Rate of Infusion:

10 minutes/unit, <4 hours


Must be administered through a blood component administration filter. Volumes ≤60 mL may be issued by the Transfusion Service in prefiltered syringes.


Platelets must be ABO compatible. Crossmatch is not required.


Yes for specific patient populations.

Order Instructions:

Indicate number of units or volume in mL’s; time and dose needed; and indication for transfusion.

Specify on the Transfusion Request Order Form special needs: Irradiate, Volume Reduce, Washed, Platelet Crossmatch, PLA1 negative, HLA matched.


Store at 20 – 24ºC with continuous agitation for 5 days. Pooled or aliquoted platelet transfusions must begin within 4 hours of preparation.

Do Not refrigerate.


Specimen Type:

Refer to ABO/Rh if patient requires testing

Patient Preparation:

The patient must have a Medical Records band for checking against the component Unit Tag and the Transfusion Request Order Form prior to administration.



Platelets contain stable coagulation factors and labile factors V and VIII. Refer to Blood Component General Information for greater detail.


Refer to Guidelines for Transfusion of Blood Components.


Circular of Information of the Use of human Blood and Blood Components (2002) AABB, American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers


11/08/2004: Note change to platelet dosage for patients <20 kg.
8/07/2007: Update for platelet dosage levels.
2/12/2013: CPT update
3/12/2013: Removed references to pooled platelets