Call us the smile specialists

The team at Children’s Minnesota has a deep understanding of Down syndrome. Our clinical outcomes are among the best around — but our favorite results are healthy, confident, independent kids.

Our team is made up of several types of professionals:

  • Developmental pediatricians have advanced training in assessing and treating children’s developmental, learning and behavioral issues. We have one board-certified developmental pediatrician on staff specializing in Down syndrome.
  • Geneticists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating genetic disorders like Down syndrome. We are lucky to have board-certified geneticists on our team.
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses. These professionals are specially trained and licensed to examine, diagnose and treat patients. Pediatric nurse practitioners are key members of the team.
  • Genetic counselors are professionals with training in both counseling and medical genetics. They help educate families about genetics, assess their risk for inherited conditions, make informed decisions about family planning and access helpful resources in the community.

At Children’s Minnesota, each patient has access to a wide range of specialists who genuinely care for children and families. Our team works closely with other professionals, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, dietitians and rehabilitation therapists.

If you’re visiting us, keep an eye out for:

Daniel S. McLellan, MD
Medical director

Also, see below for a list of more of our all-star doctors and nurses who work in our Down syndrome services:


See profiles for the top-notch doctors, advanced practitioners and genetic counselors that provide care for kids with Down syndrome.