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Children’s Physician Access is available 24/7 with a representative on the line throughout the call to assist with referrals, consultations and admissions and to provide general information.

Call 866-755-2121 or 612-343-2121.

Your partner in eating disorder treatment

We know how important early intervention is, which is why we’re available for urgent assessments and consults to help you manage your patients’ care.

We believe in collaborative care — holistically treating the patient and getting the family involved, too, for the greatest possible outcomes. We communicate with hospitalist teams on the units to ensure each patient is getting the best care for his or her individual situation. Both during and after treatment, we work closely with the primary care physician to maintain continuity and help the patient successfully return to day-to-day life.

In addition, we provide guidance on how to talk to families about a referral to an eating disorders program.

Children’s Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders is the only hospital-based program in the Twin Cities to offer immediate access for medical stabilization.

Eating disorders condition and diagnosis information

Check out Children’s Eating Disorders Education Brief for more information on signs and symptoms, treatment options and how to refer to the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.


612-343-2121 or 1-866-755-2121

24/7 referral, consult, admission, and transport assistance.