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Gynecological conditions that occur in babies, children or adolescents require the skill and training of experienced pediatric specialists. Our pediatric and adolescent gynecologists are among Minnesota’s most recognized experts in the field. They are fellowship-trained to offer guidance and expertise on the female reproductive system.

In addition to our clinical experience, we provide education to patients and health professionals. For example, Children’s Minnesota’s gynecology department developed care guidelines for acute heavy menstrual bleeding and adolescent pelvic pain in conjunction with Children’s hematology department and emergency department.

We also provide health professionals with “Ask a Children’s Specialist,” which provides online access to pediatric specialists and subspecialists for non-urgent questions via email. You can also view FAQ. Create a user name and password to start your questions and expect a response from one of our experts in about two business days. Ask away!

Additional references

  • AAP Recommendations: Menstruation in Girls and Adolescents: Using the Menstrual Cycle as a Vital Sign
  • Menstrual abnormalities that may require evaluation. Menstrual periods that:
    • Have not started within 3 years of thelarche
    • Have not started by 14 years of age with signs of hirsutism
    • Have not started by 14 years of age with a history or examination suggestive of excessive exercise or eating disorder
    • Have not started by 15 years of age
    • Occur more frequently than every 21 days or less frequently than every 45 days
    • Occur 90 days apart even for one cycle
    • Last more than 7 days
    • Require frequent pad or tampon changes (soaking more than one every 1-2 hours)
    • Are heavy and associated with a history of excessive bruising or bleeding or a family history of a bleeding disorder.


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