Information for patients and families

Patient and Family Education Materials If you need quick, clear info about a kids’ health topic, we have it all!

Environmental Working Group Create a healthier home and environment for your family by learning about the safest foods, toys, and products to buy.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) Read about different integrative medicine treatments and how they may help your child.

Office of Dietary Supplements A very helpful site for learning about different dietary supplements, the effects they have on health, and potential interactions with other medications or supplements.

Organic Consumers Association Pick up simple tips for keeping your kids safe from environmental contaminants that could harm their health.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.

Take a peek at our videos

Want to learn more about integrative medicine from our staff and kids just like yours? Click here to view seven short videos, along with interactive questions and answers about integrative medicine treatments.

  • Integrative medicine overview video
  • Massage video
  • Acupuncture video
  • Aromatherapy video
  • Biofeedback video
  • Healing touch video
  • Hypnosis video