Outcomes among the best in the nation

Choosing where to bring your child for care is a major decision. You need all the information you can get. And you want it in a clear, straightforward form that helps you make the right choice for your family.

That’s why we share our outcomes with you. In medicine, “outcomes” measure the end results of a treatment. By comparing our outcomes with those of other hospitals, locally and nationally, you can see how we rank in terms of keeping patients safe and healthy.

See how Children’s ranks on six quality of care measures. Learn more.

Finding new ways to improve comfort and care

At Children’s, we focus on research and innovations that make a difference at the bedside. From improving day-to-day quality of life for children and teens, to developing new pain management approaches and adopting cutting-edge technologies, our research is completely kid and family-focused.

Children’s is engaged in many types of research, including investigator-initiated studies as well as externally sponsored multicenter trials, observational studies and registries. Research studies are ongoing in all areas of the hospital and clinics, but read more about pulmonary research below.

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From improving day-to-day quality of life for children and teens to adopting cutting-edge technologies — we never stop reimagining health care.


At Children’s, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.