What happens before surgery

You will get ready for surgery in the pre-op area. It’s good to have a favorite toy or blanket along with you. You’ll be given an ID bracelet with your name and birth date on it. It’s important to wear this all the time because the ID bracelet helps us take good care of you.

The pre-op nurse will ask you and your parent or guardian lots of questions. They will check your weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse oximeter and listen to your chest to find out how your body is doing that day.

There will be hospital pajamas to wear for your surgery. You can bring your own robe and slippers.

Someone from the child life staff may come to show you pictures about going to surgery and help you learn more about your surgery. (You also can look at pictures ahead of time by checking out our online coloring book about Children’s Minnesota. You can print your very own copy.)

You will then meet with your surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, and operating room nurse. They will ask you and your parents again if your name and birth date are correct on your ID bracelet. They also will ask what the doctor is going to help you with today and if you are allergic to anything. If you have any questions about your surgery they can answer them for you.

The surgeon may use a special marker to make a mark on the part or side of your body that they will be working on. Now you are ready for surgery.



Take a tour designed to help patients and family members to learn what to expect before, during, and after surgery day.