What to bring the day of surgery

  • Comfortable clothes. You will change into hospital pajamas, but it’s nice to have comfortable clothes when you go home.
  • Something from home you might want to take to surgery with you. You could bring something you like to sleep or cuddle with or something that you just like to have with you. Some kids choose not to bring anything at all. That’s the point. It’s your choice! (As long as you can’t eat it and it isn’t alive!)
  • Things to do. Children’s has many toys, games, and other things to do, but if you have something special you like to do, ask your parents if it’s okay to bring it the along. And just like when you bring something to school, it’s a good idea to have your name on it.
  • A camera (if you like). It’s fun to make a scrapbook of your experience at the hospital. It’s a great way to share your story with friends. Please do not include other patients, families, or staff in pictures without their permission.
  • Questions for your doctors. You might be wondering about your surgery. If you write down your questions it’s easier to remember them when you see your doctor.



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