What happens during surgery

You will be given anesthesia, and you may feel like you are “floating” as you go to sleep.

Once you are asleep, the team in the surgery room will help you get ready for surgery. During your surgery you cannot feel anything and you stay asleep until they stop giving you the anesthesia sleep medicine when the surgery is over.

Lots of people will be helping (circulating nurse, scrub nurse, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist and the surgeon). They wear blue clothes called “scrubs,” caps and masks to help protect you from germs.

If you brought something special to be with you the nurse will make sure it stays with you. It’s always interesting to see what kids decide to bring!

To help take care of you while you are sleeping, the nurse and the anesthesiologist will place monitors to you. The monitors show the doctors how your body is doing. Some of the monitors are the blood pressure, the EKG and pulse oximeter.

The nurse anesthetist takes care of you while you are asleep during surgery. The nurse will clean the area where the surgery will be done. Keeping things clean and sterile in the surgery room is very important.

When your surgery is over, a bandage may be put on where you had your surgery, if it is needed. Then, your anesthesia team stops using the anesthesia medicine so you can begin to wake up.



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