My Surgery Story

Stories provide a helpful way for children to learn more about the steps in their health care experience and understand what’s expected of everyone during their hospital stay. You can print one of the following stories with the photos and text provided, or delete some or all of the text and add your own for personalization.

Print My Surgery Story with photos of objects

Print My Surgery Story with photos including a child

Using Google Slides

To edit or print these stories, you’ll need a free Google account. If you do not have an account already, open one at Once you have a Google account and are logged in, you can access the story documents.

  • You must make a copy before you can make edits. Select “File” then “Make a copy.”
  • To make edits to the text, place your cursor in the text boxes and delete or type new text.
  • To delete a slide entirely, select the slide and click the “Edit” menu at the top of the page. Select “Delete.”
  • When you’re ready to print, select the print icon from the top menu, or click the “File” menu and select “Print.”


To make the check-in process as easy as possible, we encourage patients who have an appointment for Surgery, Radiology (X-Ray) or Special Diagnostics to pre-register online.