Storybook garden, healing garden and labyrinth

Gardens in healthcare facilities have a significant impact in reducing stress, improving human resiliency, and providing resources for coping and restoration—ultimately improving health outcomes. Such healing green spaces create environments for play, social support and quiet reflection that lead to a sense of control and normalcy for patients and families under stress.


Children’s—Minneapolis features a 24,000 square foot Healing Garden available for Children’s patients and families, staff and community members. Surrounded by a grove of aspen trees, the garden is available year-round and features walking paths, benches for resting, native plantings and five original granite sculptures created by Minnesota artists Dan and Lee Ross.

The Healing Garden is located outside the entrance of Children’s Specialty Center on the corner of Chicago Avenue and 26th Street.

St. Paul

Children’s—St. Paul features a 6,000 square foot rooftop garden—the Children’s Hospital Association Storyland Garden—available for patients, families, visitors and staff Spring through Fall. Features include the rose water fountain, three play structures, a tricycle path, refurbished bronze sculptures from the original St. Paul garden, and a 5-circuit labyrinth designed by Lisa Gidlow. Artistic play sculptures, pathways and the labyrinth promote physical rehabilitation by offering opportunities for movement and can also be used for meditative reflection when desired. Soft music and an array of natural Minnesota plants and grasses create a peaceful atmosphere where visitors can relax, eat, socialize, and find privacy.

The garden can be accessed on fourth floor of the Sky Tower, adjacent to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.



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