You know it’s important to give back to your community but you don’t know how. You’re not at a place in your life where you can write large checks to charities, nor do you have the time to volunteer let alone research which organizations are really making a difference with the donations they collect. Enter DIVI UP, a smartphone app that not only saves you money but connects you to local businesses that care enough to list promotions that raise funds for causes that are truly doing good in our community. Find a deal and unlock it for as little as a dollar, and we will DIVI UP half of everything you spend in the app to two charities: one chosen by the business listing the deal, the other is a cause that matters to you. Together we can revolutionize the way we give by making charitable giving a part of our everyday lives.


The DIVI UP app encourages consumers to get out in our community to shop locally. Businesses list a promotion and app users pay to unlock it, then 50% of each unlocking fee is donated to charity. When a business or individual partners with DIVI, they choose which cause their DIVI Deals will support. Imagine the impact you can make with each promotion on DIVI UP.


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