Our Fear Never Sleeps: Let Go to Fight for What’s Possible

We are proud to announce the launch of our book “Our Fear Never Sleeps: Let Go to Fight for What’s Possible”. The book describes the story of our journey with our son, Kieran, who was diagnosed with a severe birth defect in utero and given a less than 25% chance of surviving. The team at Children’s Minnesota helped our son not only survive, but thrive.

All event proceeds and profits from book orders will be donated to the Pediatric Pain, Palliative Integrative Medicine Program at Children’s Minnesota.

More details about the book can be found HERE.




Advance book reviews:

“As a parent I found this book compelling at every turn of the page.  As a pediatrician, I recognized that any physician caring for children could benefit from reading this honest and raw story of hope and doubt from parents who found themselves in a situation with so much uncertainty.  We can never fully understand the powerful backstories of all the beautiful children for whom we provide care.  Through their experiences, Erik and Moira provide a framework and checkpoints helpful for any parent trying to be the best person they can be while creating an environment in which their child can thrive.” -Paul Melchert, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist


“When a book challenges your mind or creates a gut reaction it is a compelling one that we seek to read. When a book challenges your life, your beliefs, and your attitude, potentially for good, then it is something different: it is a singular opportunity for real and sustainable growth, that can’t be missed. This story does all of that. Therefore, I call it a blessing! Moira and Erik crafted a real gift in these pages. It is the promise of unleashing unimaginable potential, even when the odds might not look favorable. They give hope, a way, and tools to make them real.” -Dr. Gaia Marchisio, Executive Director, Cox Family Enterprise Center, Kennesaw State University

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