Youth Advisory Council Member Profiles

Here are profiles of the kids currently on the Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

Youth Advisory Council member Abbey


Hi my name is Abbey and I am in the 9th grade.  I like reading, swimming, track, and bowling.  I decided to join the Youth Advisory Council to help kids and families be comfortable in the hospital and with the staff.  Lastly, I want to help kids with illnesses be as comfortable as possible when here at Children’s.

Youth Advisory Council member Ally


Ally is in 12th grade. She enjoys swimming, reading, drawing, and anything related to dogs. In fact, she was so inspired by the Therapy Dog teams at Children’s, that she trained her own dog for therapy work and now volunteers at Children’s in St. Paul with her dog Mickey. After spending a lot of time at Children’s, Ally hopes to help make Children’s a better place for the children who have to visit here.

YAC Member Andrew


Andrew is a 11th grader who likes to snowboard and play golf. He joined the Youth Advisory Council so he could help the hospital with what they need.

Youth Advisory Council member Angelina


Angelina is in 8th grade. She dances and is into art, reading, and photography. She joined Children’s Youth Advisory Council to help kids feel more comfortable at the hospital since she knows how they feel.

Youth Advisory Council member Carter


Carter is in 9th grade. “I’m in high school. I’m in band, I play the trumpet. I enjoy swimming and I love history.” Carter joined YAC to make Children’s a more comfortable place for patients.

Youth Advisory council member Elizabeth


I’m in 6th grade at Ramsey Middle School.  I like to draw and sail during the summer.  I like to swim and want to get on a swim team soon. I wanted to join the Youth Advisory Council because I saw what you did and what you actually made happen.

Youth Advisory Council member Espen


Espen is a 11th grade student and unicyclist in Circus Juventas. He speaks German and Norweigian (in addition to English!), and likes to draw and read.  “I want to help make a stay at the hospital more enjoyable for others.”

YAC Member Julia

Julia H.

“I’m in 10th grade at Hopkins High. I do ballet and play violin in the school orchestra. I’ve been a Girl Scout since 1st grade and I love to read. This is my 4th year on the Council. I joined YAC after my 5th major surgery in the new CVCC at Children’s. I wanted to help other kids have good experiences even in tough times. “

Youth Advisory Council member Kinzie


Kinzie is in 9th grade this year in River Falls, Wisconsin. She really likes pottery and guitar. Kinzie loves to draw and read in her free time. She joined the Youth Advisory Council to help kids to have a better stay at the hospital.

YAC Member Mason


Mason is a 17 year old high school Junior at Eden Prairie High School.  He has been in a Spanish Immersion program for the past 10 years. “My favorite sport is football.” He plays linebacker and running back. He wanted to be part of the Youth Advisory Council to share the sibling perspective of care at Children’s. His little sister Katie, was born extremely prematurely. She weighed just 1 pound and was hospitalized for 99 days. Mason is in his 6th year with YAC and enjoys making a positive difference for patients and families served at Children’s. “I also did my Eagle project for Scouts at Children’s Hospital.”

Youth Advisory Council Member Matthew


“Hi. My name is Matthew and I am 10 years old.  This is my first year on the Youth Advisory Council.  I enjoy playing video games a lot!  I create short films for YouTube as well. In my free time I love writing books too!  I joined the YAC because I know how things work in the hospital and I wanted to help make things better here.”

YAC Member Mona


“I’m a 10th grader at Perpich Center for the Arts Education. I love music and dance and am an animal lover.  I joined the Youth Advisory Council because I want to meet other people who have gone through similar experiences as me.”

Youth Advisory Council member Natalya


I am 17 years old, and a junior at Roseville High School.  I am a music enthusiast and play piano, guitar and sing.  I am also into tennis and gymnastics.  I joined the Youth Advisory Council because I have had such amazing experiences in the hospital and I want to give back.  I want other people to feel as comfortable as I do and see Children’s as their home away from home.

Youth Advisory Council member Nate


My name is Nate. I am in the 10th grade this year and enjoy baseball and basketball. I joined the Youth Advisory Council to help improve the hospital for not only patients but their families and friends visiting them.  I also heard about all the great things the council was doing in the hospital and wanted to be a part of helping out the hospital.

YAC Member Parker


Parker is in 6th grade this year. He likes to play baseball, reading, math and science. He plays Trombone in band. “I also have three dogs and one turtle. I want to help kids that were struggling with their cancers or sicknesses. I know what it feels like and I wanna help kids get through it.”

Youth Advisory Council member Rachel


I am in 7th grade this year. I love singing, acting, reading and am at Circus Juventas. I joined the Youth Advisory Council on the encouragement of the nurses since I had been at the hospital for a while.  I wanted to have my input help the hospital.

YAC Member Tafari


Tafari is in 11th grade. He likes to read Greek mythology. Tafari is in his school’s choir and is in the National Junior Honor Society. “I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with the hospital.”

Youth Advisory Council member Yesica


Yesica is 14 years old and in the 9th grade this year.  She loves writing poetry, dancing and learning about other people’s inspiring stories.  Yesica enjoys volunteering here at Children’s and other hospitals to help children in need.  She joined the Youth Advisory Council because it sounded fun and was her way of giving back because Children’s has done so much for her taking care of her with her type 1 diabetes.