Neonatal units at Children’s

Children’s Minnesota has several neonatal care options throughout the Twin Cities.

Children’s – Minneapolis Infant Care Center

ICC is a specialized 32-bed unit serving infants from the five-state area with multiple complex medical issues ranging from prematurity, abdominal issues, hydrocephalus, respiratory compromise, various syndromes and drug withdrawal. Primary Care Nursing is the goal for all infant care with support from various interdisciplinary services.

Discharge planning with families begins upon entrance to the unit and throughout their stay. Rooms are designed for parents to stay overnight and participate in 24-hour around the clock cares. The unit has 28 beds private beds and four double rooms that allow for twins and family bonding.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Children’s has Neonatal Intensive Care Units at both of our hospital campuses. At both locations the nurse-to-patient ratio in the neonatal centers is one-to-one or one-to-two for the care of critically ill patients. In addition, a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals including social workers, chaplains, occupational and physical therapists, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists are available at both Children’s campuses.

The Children’s – Minneapolis neonatal program provides 76 private rooms for neonatal care ranging from Level II to Level IV. ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membranous Oxygenation) services and congenital heart surgeries are also available. Children’s ECMO program is the largest in Minnesota, with neonatal and respiratory volumes growing annually.
The Children’s – St. Paul neonatal program provides 52 staffed Level II through Level IIIb private inpatient rooms, providing parents and their children physical and emotional privacy during their stay.

Children’s – Minneapolis Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery is a 24-room unit caring for premature and term infants. It is a Children’s Minnesota unit housed within The Mother Baby Center locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Coon Rapids. The nursery features private rooms in which parents may stay with their baby in a family-focused, welcoming environment, including twin and triplet rooms.


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