Volunteer Recognition Week: Words of Appreciation from Staff Member Tanya Juarez-Sweeney

Tanya (L), pictured with volunteer Randy Reyes and Eriq (“The Dude!”) Nelson  on a Project Runway-inspired episode of the Kids’ Clubhouse TV show!

Child & Family Services Project Specialist Tanya Juarez-Sweeney has been working at Children’s for 5 years now, working in Child & Family Services on a variety of teams and special projects.  In Tanya’s words:

How long have you been working with volunteers?

Initially I worked with volunteers in the Family Resource Center, but over the past few years, most of my time with volunteers revolves around the Star Studio television programming–which we couldn’t pull off without the help of volunteers!

What is your favorite thing about having volunteer support?

I love the variety of cool personalities and big hearts! I always ask volunteers what drew them to volunteer here, and I love hearing the myriad of answers. I love the personal enthusiasm that volunteers bring to Children’s. They are genuinely invested in our mission and love working with our patients and families! There is something special in all of us at Children’s that drew us to being a part of this organization. I think there is something extra-special in volunteers because they give a piece of themselves and their time simply because they want to, without any expectations.

Are there any stories that you want to share about volunteers?

“You take ½  and I’ll take the other ½…”  How many times have I said this to a volunteer as they have rescued us by rounding with me before a show? It has been fun to hit the floors together and feel like a power team as we spread the word about the TV shows! I appreciate the fun and the help!

Thank you so much, Tanya, for the warmth & kindness that you always extend to our volunteers!

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