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At Children’s Minnesota Research Institute, we focus on research and innovations that make a difference at the bedside. From improving day-to-day quality of life for children and teens to developing new pain management approaches and adopting top-of-the-line technologies, our research is completely kid-and family-focused.

Our research areas include:

A young girl lays on a hospital bed while a health care provider listens to her heart with a stethoscope. The caregiver is wearing a mask and a face shield.

Cancer and blood disorders program

The Cancer and Blood Disorders research program focuses on research that seeks to improve the day-to-day quality of life for children and teens through our many evidence-based treatment methods and our high levels of enrollment in clinical trials.

A woman with braided hair holds her young son. They're both smiling at each other.

Cardiovascular program

The cardiovascular and critical care research center aims to improve the knowledge of cardiovascular and critical care medicine to improve patient care and outcomes. Since its inception in 2009, our group has grown to include over 20 investigators and 40 ongoing research projects.

a young girl with pigtails is being held up by her mother.

Diabetes and endocrine research

Children’s Minnesota Diabetes and Endocrinology Research program participates in studies that bring cutting-edge treatments for diabetes and endocrine disorders to our patients.

Emergency medicine

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for children, teens, and young adults who receive care in the emergency department. We’re also identifying new predictors of illness and maximizing resource use for the diverse populations we serve.

A pregnant woman lays in a hospital bed while holding the hand of a person in scrubs.

Midwest Fetal Care Center

The Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health, is committed to research aiming to improve the outcomes for parents and babies facing high-risk pregnancies. The Center is recognized as an advanced fetal center, one of only a few in North America, and the first in the Upper Midwest.

A young girl with braids and a mask holds the hand of a physical therapist while she walks down a ramp.

Physical medicine & rehabilitation

In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we are experts in helping kids improve function, development, and quality of life. We are well known for our research on improving physical function in children undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Why research is part of our core values in care

Our research is completely kid-and family-focused, meaning we put “kids first” – one of Children’s Minnesota’s core values. Research also allows us to “own outcomes” and “be remarkable” as we are accountable for providing extraordinary service and we have to continuously reimagine health care and go beyond what’s expected.

Research highlights

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Commitment to diversity

We believe that the rapid advancement of knowledge, insights and approaches through research can only be achieved through the commitment, excellence and dedication of a diverse group of researchers from many backgrounds to better serve the populations and community of patients that we see.

A father is sitting on the floor with his son. They are playing with toys.