Where Are They Now?: Math Teacher/Future Physician Anya Dmytrenko

Anya (in pink shirt & glasses) and her students

“My experience at Children’s Hospital instilled in me a love for working with kids and their families. The patients at Children’s taught me resilience, their families taught me unconditional love, and the staff taught me the impact that a caring group of passionate individuals can make on a child’s life. Above all, volunteering at Children’s cultivated in me an enduring love for the broader community in which this hospital stands.

Today, I am a corps member with Teach For America, a national nonprofit organization that trains and sends recent college graduates to work in low-income communities in an effort to close the nation’s achievement gap. I teach high school math in a neighborhood very close to Children’s, serving students ages 17 to 21. At the beginning of the year, several of my students could not perform operations such as addition and subtraction. Today, they are solving and graphing equations. I love my students, am very proud of them, and feel truly lucky to have such a rewarding job.

I can honestly say that each interaction I had at Children’s – be it with a patient, a fellow volunteer, a nurse, or a family member – strengthened my core values and shaped me into the person that I am today. I Teach For America because our kids are our stars and our future. To me, it only makes sense to invest in them and in their well-being. Although I ultimately aspire to attend medical school, I hope to come right back to Children’s to be part of the collective effort to provide excellent medical care for all members of this amazing, vibrant community.”

Thank you, Anya, for teaching us about the difference that caring individuals like you can make in kids’ lives!  Your students are fortunate to have you, as will your future patients someday!

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