Geek Squad Precinct

Geek Squad Precinct at Children's - Minneapolis and Children's - St. Paul


Children's is proud to provide patients, families, and staff with an onsite Geek Squad® Precinct at both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses for drop-in consulting and service support. The Geek Squad® Precinct provides a full range of technology and expertise – with many services provided at no cost to patients and families.

Expert Geek Squad® agents are available on-site to address questions and issues involving computers, DVD players, gaming systems, cameras, cell phones, or any other consumer technology devices.

In many ways, Geek Squad® at Children's is just like what you'd find at more than 1,000 Geek Squad® locations nationwide: same tech-savvy agents; same stellar service. However, at Children's, Geek Squad® also provides several free services for patients and their immediate family, including:

  • Free computer and cell phone networking support
  • Free technology consultation
  • Check-out of loaner laptops and digital cameras
  • Charge your cell phone
  • Free basic photo printing
  • Free CaringBridge or blog setup advice
  • Free assistance with taking and uploading digital photos

Parts and more extensive Geek Squad® services, like complicated repairs and system maintenance, are available to patients, families, and staff at Geek Squad's® normal service rates – through the convenience of the on-site facility at Children's.

Please note that Geek Squad® agents may only work on non-medical technology equipment, and are not available to support Children's-owned business computers, laptops, and other technology equipment.

Working with patient families

An agent shares some of the experiences and interactions with families and staff at Children's – Minneapolis

"A father brought in his personal netbook with his Verizon card. He was interested in connecting wifi but the computer would not sync. The Agent investigated further and found out that the network management needed to be done through the Verizon dongle. Once this was configured it worked great. His keyboard also needed to be changed to Spanish, which was accomplished." Read More

Tech support to the rescue

For Geek Squad agents, family-centered care means helping people stay connected. During the day, parents stop in to borrow phone chargers, laptops or printers. Patients want help with social networking sites or video game systems. Agents also help parents email photos or set up CaringBridge® websites to help loved ones stay informed and in touch. Read More

Solving computer problems for hospital patients and their families

Recently, Lorna Benson of Minnesota Public Radio shadowed the Best Buy GeekSquad agents at Children's – Minneapolis, and on Jan. 12 published a story on her experience, and how solving computer problems for patient families helps reduce stress and enhance the patient-familiy experience at Children's.

Read the story on

About Geek Squad® Agents at Children's


Through its easily recognized agents, Geek Squad® provides a complete array of technology repair and services to consumers through more than 1,000 locations nationwide.

As part of our mission to provide family-centered care, Children's partnered with Geek Squad® to enhance our caring environment for patients, families, and staff.

Offering an on-site Geek Squad® service and consultation facility enables families to stay closer to others during their time here. Please note that all Geek Squad® agents working at Children's must pass the same rigorous screening and background checks that Children's uses for its employees and contractors.

Geek Squad® Precinct at Children's - Minneapolis
Children's Specialty Center, 2nd floor
(612) 813-6760

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.

Geek Squad® Precinct at Children's - St. Paul
Garden View Building next to the Family Resource Center
(651) 220-7010 

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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