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You may be referred by your child’s primary care physician to developmental pediatrics program at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to address concerns about your child’s developmental, behavioral, social or learning challenges.

Mental and physical developmental delays can impact a small child in a big way. Children’s developmental pediatrics program approaches behavioral and developmental conditions, such as autism and Down syndrome, from all angles. We will do everything we can to help your family adjust to the diagnosis and move forward.

We wear many hats, but here’s a quick look at what we do for kids and families:

  • Expertise. For decades we have cared for children who face complex developmental disorders. Our experts understand your child’s condition and can explain what’s ahead.
  • Creativity. We design creative, personalized treatment plans to help kids tackle the world. We’re on top of approaches that help to break down developmental roadblocks, including medications, education planning and other services that help your child to thrive. 
  • Advocacy. Some developmental challenges improve or disappear with age. Some don’t. Either way, we’re here to lead the way with you as your child’s advocate.

Developmental milestones

If you’re worried your child isn’t developing on schedule, see our developmental milestones:

At Children’s, we’re here for children and their families, no matter what develops. Bring your concerns to us. We’ll guide you through the rest.


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