Our Down syndrome services specialize in strong beginnings

For children with Down syndrome, expert care from birth through childhood pays rewards down the road. The Down syndrome services at Children’s Minnesota provide the foundation these children need to grow up and lead healthy and full lives.

From breastfeeding to homework to leaving the nest, our team supports you and your child through every age and stage. We treat children ages birth to 19 and also offer prenatal visits for parents expecting a baby with Down syndrome.

Our developmental pediatricians and geneticists are experts in caring for individuals with Down syndrome and provide up-to-the-minute, research-based care. As Down syndrome professionals, we pay special attention to needs and issues that are more common in kids with Down syndrome like growth and nutrition, thyroid function, gastrointestinal issues, vision and hearing, musculoskeletal development and sleep.

Going the extra mile

At Children’s Minnesota, we have treated thousands of kids with Down syndrome over the past 30 years. Here are just a few of the ways we go the extra mile for our patients:

  • Only Children’s Minnesota Down syndrome services in the area providing both inpatient and outpatient care to children with Down syndrome, including prenatal visits.
  • Board-certified developmental pediatricians and geneticists on site. Our program leaders specialize in Down syndrome pediatrics.
  • Award-winning health system that meets all your child’s needs in one place. As a Children’s Minnesota patient, you’ll have access to (among other things) the largest high-risk neonatal referral center in the region and one of the top-ranked pediatric cardiology programs in the country.
  • Personalized care that considers the unique needs of your child and family. We set time aside at every visit to answer your questions and address the issues on your mind.
  • Dedication to your child’s lifelong health and well-being. Our Down syndrome treatment centers often see patients and their families for many years, from birth to young adulthood.

Working together today and tomorrow

At Children’s Minnesota, we know that caring for kids is a team effort. That’s why our Down syndrome professionals work closely with your child’s pediatrician, medical specialists, therapists and other professionals to treat complex conditions.

From heart experts to speech therapists to kid-friendly emergency rooms, Children’s Minnesota’s extensive network makes it easy to find exceptional care close to home. And we help to coordinate your medical team by keeping everyone on the same page and focused on the same goals.

Behind every strong child is a strong family

We understand that Down syndrome is a family affair. That’s why we consider the needs of the entire family when planning your child’s care. We welcome parents as expert partners and vital members of our team.

One of the biggest perks of our job is knowing our patients and their families for many years. We’re honored to share in their successes, big and small.


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