Talking Pediatrics: A clinical podcast by Children's Minnesota

Talking Pediatrics: A clinical pediatric podcast by Children’s Minnesota

Join us each week as we bring intriguing stories and relevant pediatric health care information that will surprise, challenge and perhaps change how you care for the most amazing people on Earth — kids!

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Kids and COVID: What You Need to Know About Expanding Vaccination and Current Pediatric Infection Rates

In early November, the ACIP and the CDC approved FDA emergency use authorization for the Pfizer COVID vaccine for ages 5-11 years old. And it seems like it couldn’t have come soon enough, with kids back in school this year and rising pediatric positivity rates for COVID. Now comes the hard work of figuring out a vaccination strategy for younger patients and having important conversations with parents and caregivers to help them understand the importance and safety of COVID vaccination in younger kids. Here to help us understand the landscape for pediatric COVID and help us with the science and data we need to talk to families are Dr. Anu Kalaskar, Medical Director of Infectious Disease and Joseph Kurland, Infection Preventionist, at Children’s Minnesota.

Introduction to Talking Pediatrics podcast, a clinical pediatric podcast by Children’s Minnesota

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, Chief Education Officer at Children’s Minnesota and host of Talking Pediatrics introduces our new clinical podcast and gives a sneak preview into what you can expect as we partner with you in the care of your pediatric patients.

Latest episodes

Guidelines With Gabi: Stopping the Flow – How to Recognize and Treat Symptomatic Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

January 14, 2022

Heavy menstrual bleeding can lead to profound loss of blood and disabling symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness. On this episode of Talking Pediatrics, Dr. Gabi Hester speaks with pediatric gynecologist Dr. Rachel Miller and pediatric hematologist Dr. Kate Garland about the symptoms, diagnostic workup, and management recommendations for children and young adults with symptomatic heavy menstrual bleeding.

Big Impact on Little Brains: How Childhood Development Has Been Impacted by the COVID Pandemic

January 7, 2022

So much has changed for kids during the COVID pandemic. For some of our young patients, they can’t remember a time without masks, social distancing and life online. What impact has this “new normal” had on kids, particularly those whose worldview and social interactions have been shaped primarily by the pandemic?

Join our conversation with Kathy Hoogerhyde, student support psychologist, as we discuss how the social and emotional development of kids has been impacted by repeated quarantines, social distancing guidelines and a lack of group social interactions. Learn about the factors that impact childhood resiliency, the social developmental tasks that have been impacted for our youngest patients, and the lack of coping strategies that are becoming more apparent in school-aged kids. Most importantly, we discuss strategies for supporting kids during this unprecedented time.

Crack the Case: When Neutrophils Get the Blues: Interpreting the “Down and Low’s” of Neutropenia

December 17, 2021

When speaking about neutropenia, most pediatricians will recall oncology patients they cared for in residency who were floridly septic, mucosal sores evident, and too vulnerable to infection to safely take a rectal temperature. Outside of oncology, however, neutropenia has many “flavors” and is often an incidental lab finding in an otherwise healthy, smiling child. While understanding every possible cause for neutropenia is outside the scope of today’s episode, we will focus on major findings that offer insight into two important questions: First, is this patient at risk for serious infection? And second, do these findings point to a dangerous underlying pathology that needs to be explored further?

Meet the guest hosts

Meet the hosts, part 1

We will talk with James Burroughs, chief equity & inclusion officer, and Gabi Hester, MD, MS, medical director clinical outcomes, about their passions and paths to pediatrics as we get to know these hosts who will lead us through discussions around health equity and inclusion (James) and clinical care guidelines (Dr. Hester).

Meet the hosts, part 2

We talk with Dr. Samreen Vora, the medical director of simulation at Children’s Minnesota., We got to chat with Dr. Vora about her passion and path to pediatrics as well as what to expect for her episodes.

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We want to know the issues and concerns that are important to you in your clinical practice so that we can continue to partner with you in caring for the most amazing people on Earth — kids!

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