Talking Pediatrics: A clinical podcast by Children's Minnesota

Talking Pediatrics: A clinical pediatric podcast by Children’s Minnesota

Talking Pediatrics is a clinical podcast by Children’s Minnesota, home to The Kid Experts, where the complex is our every day. We bring you intriguing stories and relevant pediatric healthcare information as we partner with you in the care of your patients. Our guests, data, ideas and practical tips will surprise, challenge and perhaps change how you care for kids.

eHealthcare Leadership Award 2022 winner

Talking Pediatrics wins eHealthcare Leadership Award

The Talking Pediatrics podcast is proud to be a platinum award-winner in the 2022 eHealthcare Leadership Awards, in the category of “Best Digital Physician Engagement.” Learn more.

Featured podcast episode

Equity Actions: Turning Up the Volume on Racial Equity

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, setting off a racial reckoning in the midst of a global pandemic. Over two years later, have we made progress? Or do we need to turn up the volume and continue to advance racial equity? Join guest host James Burroughs, SVP and Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at Children’s Minnesota as he interviews Tiffani Daniels, managing director of the Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity (MBCRE) On this episode, they discuss how a business coalition for racial equity can impact health care and health disparities, including the relationship between economics, social determinants of health and signals of progress for racial equity and equitable health outcomes.

Introduction to Talking Pediatrics podcast, a clinical pediatric podcast by Children’s Minnesota

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, Chief Education Officer at Children’s Minnesota and host of Talking Pediatrics introduces our new clinical podcast and gives a sneak preview into what you can expect as we partner with you in the care of your pediatric patients.

Latest episodes

Moving the Needle in Minnesota:
Equity Actions with Gov. Tim Walz

March 24, 2023

Moving toward equitable outcomes for kids means taking actions in addition to creating the case for change. From his background in education to his current position in the Governor’s office, Gov. Tim Walz has a history of advocating for and creating change for the benefit of kids. Join hosts Angela Kade Goepferd, MD, and James Burroughs as they talk to Gov. Walz about what it takes to improve kids’ health in Minnesota.

Guidelines with Gabi:
Nothing to S-cough at: Latest Guidelines for Pediatric Pneumonia

March 10, 2023

On this Talking Pediatrics episode, Dr. Gabi Hester will discuss all-things pneumonia with pediatric hospitalist and Kid Expert, Dr. Courtney Herring. Their discussion will include the latest guidelines around antibiotic selection, shorter duration of therapy, and not needing blood cultures in most patients.

In a Heartbeat: Outpatient Screening to Determine Cardiovascular Risk

February 24, 2023

The world watched in shock as Damar Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, collapsed on the field during a Monday night football game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 2, 2023. If parents and pediatricians weren’t already nervous about pre-sport physicals and sudden cardiac death, that scene certainly reinforced everyone’s worst fears. But could screening of any kind have prevented that incident? And what is really most important about cardiovascular risk screening in the primary care office, for athletes or for any of our young patients? Joining us in this week’s episode is cardiovascular Kid Expert, Dr. Chris Carter, pediatric cardiologist and co-medical director of the electrophysiology program at the Children’s Heart Clinic at Children’s Minnesota.

What Pediatric Clinicians Should Know About PrEP

February 10, 2023

What do you know about preventing and treating HIV in teenagers? Did you know that 21% of all new HIV infections occur in adolescents? Join us for a conversation with our adolescent health Kid Expert, Dr. Katy Miller, to learn about how to talk to teenagers about sexual health, STIs and HIV, and how and to who we should prescribe pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as well as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). You might be surprised to learn who is at risk and how easy it is for us to keep kids safe in the primary care office.

Meet the guest hosts

Meet the hosts, part 1

We will talk with James Burroughs, senior vice president, government and community relations, chief equity and inclusion officer, and Gabi Hester, MD, MS, medical director clinical outcomes, about their passions and paths to pediatrics as we get to know these hosts who will lead us through discussions around health equity and inclusion (James) and clinical care guidelines (Dr. Hester).

Meet the hosts, part 2

We talk with Dr. Samreen Vora, the medical director of simulation at Children’s Minnesota., We got to chat with Dr. Vora about her passion and path to pediatrics as well as what to expect for her episodes.

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