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New masking guidelines effective Jan. 16

COVID-19 and influenza rates are rising in Minnesota. Our guidelines strongly encourage everyone visiting our facilities to wear masks, but masks will be required for all patient-facing interactions.

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Do you have Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare insurance coverage?

Don’t risk a gap in your health insurance coverage. Visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Renew My Coverage website for information about the renewal process.

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Mother snuggling sick child

Get care for flu, RSV and COVID-19 for your kids

Get the care you need for respiratory illnesses like influenza, COVID-19 and RSV. Learn more about vaccines for these illnesses, and what to do and where to go if your child gets them.

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Levi’s brave mental health journey

Levi’s journey is a battle against physical and mental anguish and finding strength in vulnerability.

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A mother walks with her kid down a hallway in the mental health unit.

Effective and positive discipline strategies to teach your child acceptable behavior

Kids tend to spend more time indoors and are less active during the cold winter months. When the family is stuck inside, tensions in the house can rise and it’s easier for your child’s behavior to get out of control. One of our experts shares effective and positive discipline strategies.



Black History Month 2024: Don’t just celebrate, do something to change the narrative!

Empower change this Black History Month. Learn how to take meaningful action for lasting impact in your personal and professional life.

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