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Nora with support dog

Nora’s neurosurgery journey

A family’s battle with the impacts of multiple seizures and how the neurosurgery program at Children’s Minnesota stopped Nora’s epilepsy.

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family with large donation check

Your story has power

As a patient family, you have a powerful story to tell. And by sharing that story and fundraising for Children’s Minnesota, you can help other families like yours receiving care now.

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Children's Minnesota United Healthcare Emergency Department in Minneapolis with a health care provider in personal protective equipment.

United Health Foundation awards $3 million grant to address health disparities

The partnership will yield a three-year effort to help families and children better control asthma, address mental health needs and increase vaccinations in the Twin Cities. 

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Gwen's family at the Vikings game

Defying the odds: Gwen’s fight through brain cancer

Growing up playing sports with her three older brothers means Gwen has no shortage of motivation.

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Help your child’s dry winter skin

How to help your child’s dry winter skin

Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota, shares tips for parents to help their kids with their dry and itchy skin this winter.

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Courtney and Heidi - Nurses at Children's Minnesota

Health equity includes hair care

Health care equity and access to culturally competent hair care is an issue for people of color. Now, nurses and providers are being taught how to provide culturally sensitive hair care. 

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