Effective May 11, some surgeries are being scheduled. Please click here for the most up to date information on our surgery centers.

Because no surgery is routine when it’s your child

At Children’s Minnesota, specialists come together to perform more than 24,000 surgeries each year on unborn babies, infants, children, teens and young adults. We do it all, from appendectomies and ear tubes to heart and brain surgeries. And we do it extremely well. Our surgery program has some of the best outcomes and highest family satisfaction rates of any pediatric surgical program in the United States.

Children’s Minnesota is verified as a Level I Children’s Surgery Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Children’s Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program. Achieving Level I verification is the highest level of distinction for health systems that perform complex surgical procedures in newborns, children and teens.

Take a closer look into Children’s surgical services by viewing our comprehensive video.

When your child is in the operating room, whether at our surgery center in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Minnetonka, the outcome is always critically important. So every surgery at Children’s, no matter how large or small, is performed by a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in the unique needs of kids.

We’re top experts in kids’ surgery

Here’s a quick glance at some advantages that set us apart:

  • We rank in the top 20 of U.S. pediatric heart surgery programs, based on the number of surgeries performed and the excellent outcomes.
  • 2,000+ pediatric gastrointestinal procedures are performed by Children’s surgeons and doctors each year.
  • The 3 Tesla MRI system at Children’s is twice as powerful as standard MRI, a major advantage when performing complex brain surgeries.
  • We were the first pediatric hospital in the country to operate on a mature teratoma using a new laser therapy known as LITT (laser-induced thermal therapy). The minimally invasive surgical procedure uses heat and MRI imaging to treat brain tumors and epilepsy. Requiring just a small incision, the technology helps minimize pain and significantly reduces recovery time.
  • More implantations of interstimulation devices (similar to pacemakers for the bladder) are performed by our pediatric urology team than any other surgery program in the Upper Midwest.
  • 99% of family members of our surgery patients say that their child’s doctors and nurses were available to them during their experience.

You’re part of our team

We’re experts on all kinds of children’s surgeries. But you’re the expert on your child. You’ll always be treated like a valued member of the team and involved in every facet of your child’s care. For example, you may have the option of staying with your child while anesthesia is given. And, our surgery centers were designed with you and your child in mind, such as combined pre-op and post-op rooms.

Your child’s comfort is our priority

We know that surgery can be a big deal to a little person. So we work hard to reduce anxiety and pain before they start. Our dedicated child life staff helps children feel calmer and get prepared for surgery, and our acclaimed pain management team helps them stay more comfortable.

We combine our family-centered care with the latest surgical innovations, to deliver the best experience for your child and family. And the best is exactly what your child deserves.

Surgery updates

Some surgeries are being scheduled at Children’s Minnesota Surgery Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Children’s Minnesota Surgery and Specialty Center in Minnetonka continues to be temporarily closed.

A COVID-19 test is needed before scheduled surgeries at Children’s Minnesota. The COVID-19 test is important to ensure we can provide the best care and determine the timing for your child’s care and treatment.


To make the check-in process as easy as possible, we encourage patients who have an appointment for Surgery, Radiology (X-Ray) or Special Diagnostics to pre-register online.