Level I pediatric trauma care center

Our UnitedHealthcare® Pediatric Emergency Department and Level I Pediatric Trauma Care Center in Minneapolis is Minnesota’s only Level I pediatric trauma care center in a hospital dedicated solely to kids.

What is a Level I pediatric trauma care center?

At a Level I pediatric trauma care center, we handle the worst-of-the-worst injuries and traumas. As a Level I pediatric trauma care center, we’re verified by the American College of Surgeons—allowing us to provide the highest level of care for critically injured patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, we have services, resources and staff specializing in pediatric medicine at our fingertips to ensure every child receives the best care, whether they’re coming from the scene of an accident or being transferred from another site.

What is a trauma injury?

Traumatic injuries can occur following accidents, such as a motor-vehicle accident, fall, blow or jolt to the head, drowning, sports-related injury, or assault. Unlike most patients treated in the emergency department, trauma patients may sustain injuries that require highly-specialized and multidisciplinary care. Due to their complexity, these injuries may also require services such as surgery and blood transfusions.

Children’s Minnesota – St. Paul’s trauma center

Our Peter J. King Emergency Department in St. Paul is a Level IV trauma center in St. Paul, with resources for emergency resuscitation and care of injured patients. Some patients may require transfer to the Minneapolis campus for care by the Trauma Care team and other specialists.

Emergency contact form

Be sure that you—and anyone who cares for your children—is ready in case of an emergency. Download, fill out and print our pediatric trauma care emergency contact form so everyone knows where to take your kids.


We love kids here at Children’s Minnesota, but we’d rather see them safe at home. That’s why we work to prevent injuries from ever happening and ensure clinicians across the region are skilled in handling them if they do occur. By providing education to the community through our Making Safe Simple program — At Home, At Play, and On the Way.

Trauma services annual report

From the moment an injured child is met in the emergency department, the trauma team works together to provide the best possible care to promote healing and recovery. See our volumes, program highlights and more by downloading our 2023 Trauma Services Annual Report.

Additional education materials

Reliable information about conditions and illnesses is important. Search our patient and family education materials to learn more about a specific condition, illness or diagnosis.

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