Making Safe Simple

In partnership with UnitedHealthcare

With one of the busiest pediatric emergency medicine programs in the nation and more than 90,000 ER visits annually, you can trust that we’ve treated just about everything. We love kids here at Children’s Minnesota. But we’d rather see them safe at home, at play, and “on the way”. That’s why we’ve gathered child safety and injury-prevention tips from our very own experts. Share these home safety tips with your kids and print them to share at their schools or with your friends. Together, we can make safe simple.

On the way

Injuries from motor vehicle collisions are in the top four injuries to children annually. Proper restraint systems such as car seats, boosters, and seat belts can greatly reduce childhood injury from car crashes. When travel includes ATVs or boats, there are equally easy ways to keep kids safe. Review the tips below to keep children’s safe on the way. Review the safety tips here.

At home and at play

Since the majority of children’s time is spent at home, it’s not a surprise that home is where most injuries occur. Falls, bumps, and bruises are practically expected as a part of childhood, but more serious injuries such as burns, poisoning, strangulation, entrapment, pet bites, cuts, and drowning can easily be prevented. Review the safety tips here.

Click here for more info on National Injury Prevention Day: https://www.injuryfree.org/nationalinjurypreventionday/