We know what makes little tickers tick.

At Children’s Minnesota, our pediatric cardiovascular program is one of the largest in the region. We offer the newest techniques for treating kids’ cardiovascular and blood vessel conditions plus a megadose of heart in all we do. We provide a full range of services, from imaging tests to pioneering surgeries, for babies, children, teens and adults born with heart defects. The cardiovascular specialists at Children’s are among the most experienced around. And our outcomes are some of the best in the country.

The numbers tell part of the story

There’s a lot happening in the cardiovascular program at Children’s, but here are a few key facts that sum up the program in a heartbeat:

  • 11,000+ heart surgeries have been performed at Children’s since the inception of the cardiovascular surgery program in 1977.
  • 200 dedicated professionals from Children’s Minnesota and the Children’s Heart Clinic, along with many collaborating partners—make up our experienced team.
  • 24/7 on-site care by pediatric cardiac intensivists — physicians who specialize in treating the heart problems of children in intensive care. No other facility in the region can say that. 97% of patients undergoing the riskiest heart surgeries survived, compared to 83% at similar hospitals. We’re constantly working to make that number higher.
  • 1 pediatric cardiovascular care center in the Upper Midwest that has all its services for kids conveniently located on the same floor in a single building—and that’s the Edward J. Phillips Cardiovascular Care Center at Children’s – Minneapolis. You’ll also find the specialists at Children’s Heart Clinic outpatient clinics around the region.

The smiles tell the rest of the tale

Children’s is well known for its caring, compassionate staff. We’re focused on children—it’s in our name! And we know that parents need support, too.

If your child ever has to stay in the hospital, you’ll appreciate our team rounds. All the physicians, nurses and other professionals involved in your child’s care hold a meeting each day—and you’re invited. This gives you a chance to be at part of the discussion about your child’s care plan.

The cardiovascular care center on our Minneapolis campus is designed to be a home away from home. We know you want to be there for your child every step of the way. Amenities such as sleeper sofas, work spaces, storage closets, refrigerators and a family lounge make that much easier.

Want to see for yourself? Learn more about our capabilities.

At Children’s, we speak your language

The cardiovascular professionals at Children’s work with kids and families all day, every day. We’re fluent in kid-speak. And we’re very comfortable talking with parents, too.

Looking for information on a specific subject? We offer family-friendly information sheets on a wide range of cardiovascular topics. Learn more.

At Children’s, our goal is to provide the best possible cardiovascular care in the most comforting way we can. That’s terrific for the health of your child’s heart. And it sets your own heart at ease, too.

Children’s Minnesota collaborates with a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and more to provide expert care to kids. See profiles for the all-star doctors and nurse practitioners in the pediatric cardiovascular program.


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