Meet the Children’s Minnesota cardiovascular team

Our team of 200+ cardiovascular professionals from Children’s Minnesota and The Children’s Heart Clinic, along with many collaborating partners, have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. Learn more about our team below.

Children’s Minnesota cardiovascular leadership team

David M. Overman, MD
Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery

David B. Gremmels, MD
Chief of Cardiology, Medical Director, Echocardiography program

David A. Dassenko, MD
Medical Director, Anesthesiology & Cardiovascular Care Center, CVICU

R. Erik Edens, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Heart Failure and Transplant

Robroy H. MacIver, MD, MPH
Surgical Director, Heart Failure and Transplant

B. Kelly Gleason Han, MD
Medical Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Lisa B. Howley, MD
Medical Director, Fetal Cardiology

Christopher D. Carter, MD
Medical Director, Electrophysiology

Marko Vezmar, MD
Medical Director, Interventional Cardiology

Anupam B. Kharbanda, MD
Chief of Critical Care Services

Ginny Dixon, RN
Patient Care Manager, CV Surgery

Paul Paulisich RN
Patient Care Manager, CVICU

Katie Penson, MBA, RN
Senior Clinical Services Director, Critical Care Division

Elizabeth Wagner, APRN, CNP
Manager, Transplant Program

Philip Zeccardi, MBA
Director of Cardiovascular and Neuroscience Services