Getting a second opinion on your child’s heart condition

The diagnosis of heart disease can be difficult and overwhelming. Seeking a second opinion can help you understand your options and help you make the best decision for your child. You are not required to transfer your care from your current physician or cardiologist.

You can seek a second opinion after receiving a diagnosis of a heart condition. If your current physician or cardiologist has talked you through your options, a second opinion may increase your confidence in your diagnosis and treatment plan. Or it could offer additional insight from our specialized team of pediatric cardiology experts.

Request a second opinion from The Children’s Heart Clinic

To start, fill out and submit the second opinion request form.

What to expect after submitting the request form

One of our team members will call you within 1-2 business days of completing the form. During this initial phone call, we will discuss your child’s current health condition, reason for wanting to talk with us and schedule your first appointment. The first appointment may be virtual or in-person depending on the patient’s condition.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a copy of the second opinion once it’s completed?

You will be signed up for our patient portal for viewing your second opinion diagnosis.

Do I need to tell my current provider that I am getting a second opinion?

Telling your current provider is up to you, but most health care providers will support their patients’ right to a second opinion.

Do I need to provide current medical records?

We can help you to obtain any records needed for your second opinion. By law, your health care provider must provide your medical records upon request from you.

Can I receive care if I live outside of Minnesota?

It is required that all appointments occur within Minnesota state lines. If virtual services are appropriate, you will need to be physically located within the state lines during your appointment time.

What should I do if I have more questions?

For any additional questions prior to filling out the second opinion form, please call The Children’s Heart Clinic at Children’s Minnesota at 612-813-8800.