For the most amazing people on earth

If you’re here, you know what we know: children are the most amazing people on earth. Whether you’re looking in your own child’s eyes or talking to a patient at one of our hospitals, it changes you forever. Kids inspire you to take action. To strive to be worthy of them. To try to be more like they are.

Giving to Children’s Minnesota

As an independent, non-profit health system, Children’s Minnesota depends on the generosity of people like you — people who are inspired to help us help the most amazing people on earth.  Your gifts allow us to provide the best possible care to the patients in our hospitals and clinics as well as support community-wide projects for kids to grow up healthy and safe from injury. Read how your support can make a difference.

See the many ways to give to Children’s Minnesota

Volunteering at Children’s Minnesota

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the life of a child. As a volunteer at Children’s Minnesota, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that. We offer long and short-term volunteer opportunities where you can put your skills and passion to work while contributing to our important mission. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Public policy and health in your community

At Children’s Minnesota, we want to be every family’s partner in raising healthier children. This means our work goes beyond caring for kids inside our facilities — it means we advocate for every kid in our community too.

Advocacy and health policy

We believe that every child deserves to be healthy and well. As a result, our advocacy team works to bring attention to issues that impact health and health care for families — in the legislature and in the community as a whole. And, we’d appreciate your help.  Learn how you can be a voice for children.

The Collective for Community Health

The Children’s Minnesota Collective for Community Health aims to improve the health of children and families – both inside and outside of our hospitals and clinics – by working together with community partners and other organizations. Learn more about the Collective.

Community health and benefit reports

As a non-profit hospital, Children’s Minnesota identifies and works to address pressing health needs of children in our communities. Children’s Minnesota reports on this work regularly. Learn more about our work in the community.


Help us raise ’em up. Children’s Minnesota is building a better future for all kids — but we can’t do it without you. Please give today. So every child can reach their best health.


Advocate on behalf of Children's Minnesota and child health. Stay informed. Be heard. We help make it easy.