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It can be frightening to hear that a child has cancer or a blood disorder. At Children’s Minnesota, we’re experts in treating the disease and supporting the patient and family. In addition to offering advanced, individualized care for newly diagnosed children, teens and young adults up to age 26 with cancers and blood disorders, we also provide innovative treatment for rare, relapsed and recurrent cancers.

Children’s Minnesota is considered a leader in treating cancer and blood disorders, and we’re known across the country for our aggressive management of pain and treatment side effects — all for good reason. Consider these facts:

  • Children’s Minnesota is the largest pediatric cancer and blood disorders program in the upper Midwest. We care for more than 58 percent of children diagnosed with cancer or blood disorders in Minnesota, and 74 percent of those diagnosed in the Twin Cities metro. Each year, more than 1,000 children are admitted as inpatients to the Jim and Colleen Ryan Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Minnesota– Minneapolis hospital.
  • Children’s Minnesota ranks in the top 15 programs in the U.S. in both medical and surgical cancer outcomes, according to the Pediatric Health Information Systems (PHIS) database. Our program delivers some of the highest survival rates among leading U.S. children’s hospitals treating patients with cancer and blood disorders, and we have some of the lowest length-of-stay ratios in the country.
  • Children’s Minnesota knows that not every cancer and blood disorder diagnosis is the same, and treatment plans are not identical – especially when it comes to patients between ages 15-26. This specific age group has unique medical and quality of life needs that are different from any other age range – including differences in cancer types, tumor biology, prognosis and survivorship, according to the National Cancer Institute. Learn about our Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer program.

At Children’s Minnesota, not only will your child be in good hands, but everyone who loves your child will be well taken care of, too. Learn more about our program.

Access to the most advanced treatments

In addition to many evidence-based treatment methods, we’re also recognized for our high levels of enrollment in clinical trials. In fact, nearly 90 percent of our eligible patients participate in clinical trials — placing us in the top 5 percent of Children’s Oncology Group institutions for participation. We have the largest clinical research staff in the region and we participate in more than 100 research studies.

What that means is our patients receive state-of-the-art treatments well before they’re widely available. For example, Children’s Minnesota is a part of the Therapeutic Advances in Childhood Leukemia & Lymphoma (TACL) consortium, which offers eligible patients with recurrent leukemias and lymphomas access to early studies of new drugs. We’re also members of the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC), which is made up of 18 children’s hospitals dedicated to improving the outcomes for children with brain and spinal cord tumors.

Our physicians communicate and consult with colleagues across the country, ensuring every child receives the best care possible.

Since 1987, the Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic has raised more than $5 million for cancer research at Children’s Minnesota. Through these efforts, Children’s Minnesota has become internationally recognized for rare cancer and supportive care research which benefits children in Minnesota and throughout the world.

Family comes first

We know that cancer or a blood disorder affects everyone in the family. And we believe that caring for the whole family leads to better outcomes. That’s why Children’s Minnesota offers not only best-in-class care, but the little extras, too — music therapy, massage therapy, child life experts who are ready to play with kids and ease families’ stress, pet therapy visits, snacks and beverages for everyone, games and toys for patients and their siblings, and much more — all through the Cancer Kids Fund. Our private rooms are spacious in order to comfortably fit the whole gang — the patient, family and treatment team. Plus, our care closer to home initiative allows patients to receive care nearer to their homes whenever possible, making life easier for parents and kids.

At Children’s Minnesota, not only will your child be in good hands, but everyone who loves your child will be well taken care of, too.

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