Cancer and Blood Disorders

Cancer Kids Fund

Making every day better for kids with cancer

The team at Children’s Minnesota cares for nearly 1,000 kids every year living with cancer, more than any other hospital in the state. We care for their parents and siblings, too. Because stronger families make for stronger patients.

That’s why we created the Cancer Kids Fund. It supports everything from our Sibling Play Area to therapies like art and massage. It also covers a family’s everyday expenses like meals and parking and, when needed, big things like mortgage payments. The fund also supports research to find new, better treatments.

Your gift matters

When you make a donation to the Cancer Kids Fund, you make life easier for patients by:

  • Boosting their care team with psychologists, nutritionists, music therapists and child life specialists
  • Comforting them throughout treatment with massage and aromatherapy
  • Arranging visits from special guests like the Zoomobile and the Science Museum of Minnesota and celebrations like end-of-therapy parties
  • Making sure kids have art supplies, toys and games to keep them smiling

You help parents and families cope by:

    • Providing chaplains, interpreters and social workers
    • Covering their expenses, such as parking and meals
    • Giving siblings a place to play while staying close
    • Making overnight stays more comfortable

You can support Cancer Kids Fund by:

Consider making a gift today to support the Cancer Kids Fund, providing these services and more to ease the cancer and blood disorders journey for patients and their families.

Cancer changed Mia’s life. But it didn’t break her spirit. Throughout her treatment, she stayed positive, finding joy in music, family and the bonds she formed with her care team.

Donate today. Because when it comes to helping kids like Mia, we shine brighter together.

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Donate today. Because when it comes to helping kids, we shine brighter together.