Taking neonatology to the next level

At Children’s Minnesota, our neonatology program provides clinical expertise and compassionate care for more than 1,900 newborns each year. That’s more than any other program in the Upper Midwest. But don’t just take our word for it.

We’re the largest high-risk neonatal referral center in the Upper Midwest. In other words, parents and health experts across the region trust us to deliver top-notch care for babies who arrive early or with unique needs.

Start tiny. End up mighty.

Septuplets. Preemies weighing less than 1 pound. Babies with cardiac failure. Neonatology experts at Children’s navigate the most complex births and treat the tiniest and sickest newborns. We’ve seen it all. And we’re proud to have some of the highest survival rates and lowest complication rates in the world.

We combine the highest level of medical care available with comfortable surroundings and a family-centered philosophy to help babies heal.

Here’s why we lead the pack:

  • A league of experts. All together, there are more than 500 experts from Children’s Minnesota on your side. At the helm are neonatologists — pediatric doctors specially trained in babies’ complicated, high-risk needs. They’re joined by neonatal nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, pediatric pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dietitians and other care professionals.
  • Collaboration improves care. That’s why Children’s works closely with doctors throughout the region. If they have questions about a baby, we can consult. If a baby needs to be transported, we are able to coordinate air and ground transport from their hospital to Children’s. We do this for more than 500 babies annually.
  • Size matters. Our neonatal program is the biggest in the state. It’s also one of the largest in the U.S. with 194 beds between our Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses and special care nurseries within our three Mother Baby Centers. Our patients may be tiny, but we provide them all with private rooms and tranquility so they can grow to become mighty. And we offer the highest level of neonatal intensive care available.
  • Keeping moms in mind. Children’s joined forces with Allina Health to create The Mother Baby Center. The center merges Allina Health’s fetal and maternal services with Children’s neonatal and pediatric specialty care — all under one roof. Locations include The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern and Children’s Minnesota, The Mother Baby Center at Mercy with Children’s Minnesota, and The Mother Baby Center at United and Children’s Minnesota, where our clinical care teams have collaborated for more than 30 years.
  • Three steps ahead. We actively participate in new research trials so we can help more babies go home healthy. Some of the most important discoveries in neonatal care, from treatments for breathing problems to brain damage, were tested at Children’s before they were adopted around the world. For instance, Children’s was an early adopter of kangaroo care a technique where parents hold newborns skin-to-skin to help premature babies develop. Now, kangaroo care is standard practice across the nation. And, doctors at Children’s are recognized internationally for their ongoing work with specialized ventilation techniques, such as high-frequency ventilation and less invasive forms of ventilation.
  • You’re the expert, and we know it. At Children’s, we realize that parents know their babies best of all. We involve parents in every discussion about their little one’s care. What’s more, our family-centered approach includes space for parents to spend the night and a supervised play area for siblings.

Watch the tour video to get a peek inside our neonatal program.


For immediate access to a Children’s Minnesota neonatologist

Please call our Children’s Physician Access line and ask for the neonatologist at 1-866-755-2121 available 24/7 for referral, consult, admission and transport assistance.



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Start tiny. End up mighty.

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