Solid Tumor Program

The solid tumor cancer program at Children’s is one of the largest of its kind in the Upper Midwest. We diagnose and treat children with all types of solid tumors, including the following:

Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric specialists from a wide variety of disciplines, including radiation oncology, surgery, anesthesia, pain and palliative care, psychology, Child Life, pharmacy, exercise medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, integrative medicine and others.

We offer a wide range of therapies, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, or a combination of these therapies. We encourage you to connect with our Tumor Registry.

What is a solid tumor?

A tumor is tissue that forms when cells grow and divide uncontrollably and no longer function properly. Sometimes piles of cells form a lump. Lumps, or tumors, that cause no harm, and are not cancerous, are called benign. Other tumors may be cancerous or malignant, and are referred to as sarcomas.

Why Choose Children’s?

One of the largest solid tumor programs in the region. Children’s Minnesota provides care for the majority of children diagnosed with solid tumors and rare tumors in the state of Minnesota and are the trusted regional treatment center for many children in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Access to the latest treatment options. At Children’s, your child will have access to the most current national and international solid tumor oncology treatment protocols for chemotherapy and radiation through the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). Through these memberships and participation your child is assured access to current treatment options.

Experts work together for your child. A multidisciplinary team works together to preserve eating and speaking skills for children and adolescents diagnosed with head and neck cancers. A unique, comprehensive approach using a team of pediatric hematologists/oncologists, otolaryngology surgeons, and rehabilitation therapists assures children get the best possible treatment options and prevent side effects of treatment.

Designated physical therapists specialized in cancer care and chemotherapy related issues work in the clinic gym with the medical team and your child to promote normal motor development during treatment and recovery.

Neuropsychological testing and the School Re-entry program offer testing, support and practical recommendations for your child and their school. Neuropsychologists work proactively with patients, families, and schools to help patients reach their maximum intellectual and social potential.

Special expertise in treatment of rare tumors. Because we diagnose over 200 children and adolescents with cancer annually, we are among the top 10 largest pediatric cancer centers in the nation and therefore diagnose children and teens with rare pediatric tumors. Treatment of children and adolescents diagnosed with a rare tumor is individualized utilizing the expertise of our specialists in addition to consultation with other experts from around the world. Your child will benefit from the evidence-based practice model we use that combines the best available current knowledge from the experienced clinical practitioner, current research, and patient preference.

Transition to Adult Care. As you get older, it will make sense for you to move to an adult care provider setting. At Children’s, we will work with you and your adult care provider to make this change when the time is right and ensure that all important topics about your care are addressed.

Second opinions for children not seen in our program. At Children’s, we provide consultation services for children who are not seen in our program but would like input from our expert team. If you or your child’s doctor would like us to review your child’s case, you may arrange to have health records and test results for your child sent to us. The child does not need to live in the area or be seen in our clinic.


Who treats solid tumors at Children’s?