A comprehensive team

Children’s Minnesota is home to one of the most comprehensive pediatric neuroscience programs you’ll find anywhere — and we’re growing every day. The depth and breadth of the expertise here is truly remarkable. And with so many specialists under one roof, there’s always innovation in the air. Here are just a few of the dedicated professionals you’ll find working together at Children’s pediatric neuroscience center:

  • Pediatric neurologists are physicians with advanced training in treating kids’ brain nervous system and muscle conditions.
  • Pediatric epileptologists are neurologists who specialize in treating seizure disorders in children.
  • Pediatric neurosurgeons have completed a residency in general surgery, another residency in neurosurgery plus additional training in brain and spine surgeries for children.
  • Pediatric neuropsychologists and psychologists have a doctorate in psychology. They evaluate kids learning and behavior before and after treatment and help families make informed decisions.
  • Pediatric subspecialists are highly trained in certain aspects of kids’ brain and nervous system care. They provide consultation and support for the health care team. Examples include:
    • Neuroendocrinologists
    • Neuroradiologists
    • Neuro-oncologists
    • Neonatologists and neonatal surgeons
    • Pathologists
    • Geneticists
    • Developmental pediatricians
    • Sleep medicine physicians
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are specially trained and licensed to examine, diagnose and treat patients alongside physicians.
  • Pediatric pharmacists are experts in the use of medications for children. They work with the health care team to choose the best drug and dosage for each patient. They also educate professionals, patients and families on medication safety.
  • Registered nurses care for children in the neuroscience center and at our outpatient clinics. They also coordinate care, provide patient and parent education and conduct research.
  • Technologists operate the latest neuroimaging, surgical and EEG machines and equipment. They’re also present 24/7 in the EEG monitoring unit to ensure excellent recording quality.

To provide well-rounded, kid-centered care, our neuroscience team works closely with professionals from cancer care, physical medicine and rehabilitation program, developmental pediatrics and many other programs.

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