We’ve got care down to a neuroscience

The neuroscience program at Children’s Minnesota unites a broad range of experts in a common mission. We care for more neurology patients, more brain tumor patients and more epilepsy patients than any other hospital in the region. And we do it with some of the most advanced treatments and technologies available today.

From pioneering imaging techniques to laser-precise surgeries, we’ve got it all. Children’s comprehensive neuroscience program brings together professionals from these brain, nerve and muscle related disciplines:

  • Concussion program works closely with the emergency department and trauma program at both of our Children’s hospitals to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for traumatic brain injuries. The program is led by the neurosurgery team.
  • Epilepsy program collaborates with Minnesota Epilepsy Group, an independent academic and clinical research practice, to provide comprehensive care for kids with repeated seizures.
  • Neonatal neuro-intensive care unit focuses on improving outcomes in very premature babies and all babies at-risk for neurological damage. Continuous EEG monitoring allows the team to evaluate needs and respond quickly to issues.
  • Neurology provides front-line treatment for many brain and nervous system conditions, including tumors, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and developmental delays.
  • Neuro-oncology specializes in treating brain and spinal cord tumors in kids.
  • Neuropsychology and pediatric psychology assesses children’s learning, social and behavioral needs before and after treatment. The program also provides supportive counseling for kids and families.
  • Neurosurgery services uses up-to-the-minute techniques and technologies to surgically treat brain tumors, epilepsy and more. Neurosurgeons specialize in minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain and speed recovery.
  • Sleep center Our sleep lab and clinic provide expert diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders.

Giving kids every advantage

No, we can’t quite read their minds. But no one knows kids’ brains like Children’s. Here are just a few ways our neuroscience program stands out:

  • Largest brain and spine (CNS) tumor program in Minnesota.
  • Level 4 pediatric epilepsy program — one of only a handful in the nation.
  • Advanced surgical technologies like minimally invasive Visualase, 3 tesla-MRI, and intraoperative MRI increase success, reduce pain and speed recovery.
  • Only neonatal neuro-intensive care unit in the Upper Midwest.
  • Only advanced fetal surgery program in the Upper Midwest, and one of only seven in the nation.
  • Fully-accredited pediatric diagnostic sleep lab — one of only 10 in the country.
  • Only program in the region (and one of only 12 in the country) to offer advanced brain mapping using magnetoencephalography and high-resolution MRI technology.
  • Early-stage clinical trials conducted in collaboration with Minnesota Epilepsy Group could provide access to promising seizure medications.

Children’s comprehensive neuroscience program puts a wealth of advanced pediatric-specialized diagnostics, treatments and therapies at your fingertips:

And as an organization dedicated to family-centered care, we offer many child and family services and resources, such as interpretive services.