It’s not rocket science…it’s brain surgery

Mending kids’ growing brains can be tricky business, and getting it right is crucial. At Children’s Minnesota, we’re excellent at what we do. Our neurosurgery team uses cutting edge surgical techniques and technology to treat tumors, epilepsy and other brain and nervous system conditions. We perform hundreds of surgeries each year on babies, kids and teens. That makes us one the most experienced pediatric neurosurgery centers anywhere.

Children’s neurosurgery team is passionate about creating brighter futures. We know kids’ brains are works in progress, so we tailor every aspect of our care to their young bodies and minds. From high-tech brain mapping to the latest minimally invasive techniques, we go the extra mile for our patients’ safety and comfort.

Numbers that soothe a worried mind

It’s normal to worry about surgery, especially one that involves a growing brain. These facts about Children’s neurosurgery program should help put your mind at ease:

  • 450+ brain surgeries were been performed at Children’s last year.
  • 12. That’s the number of hospitals in the United States performing magnetoencephalography for advanced tumor mapping before surgery. At Children’s, we’re proud to be one of that distinctive dozen.
  • 3 teslas of MRI power provide extreme pre-surgery imaging precision. That’s twice the power and resolution of a conventional MRI machine.
  • 1. That’s the number of days your child can expect to be in the hospital after brain tumor destruction with Visualase, our ultra-precise, minimally invasive, MRI-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) ablation system.

Not your typical neurosurgery

The words “brain surgery” still conjure up all sorts of scary images. But technology has come an incredibly long way, and here at Children’s, we’re always pushing that envelope. Thanks to these advances, it’s not unusual for a kid to have brain surgery on one day and then be out and about days later.

It’s true that neurosurgery will never be “routine,” especially when it involves your child. But rest assured, Children’s has the most sophisticated capabilities of just about any hospital out there. And our neurosurgeons are serious about delivering the best outcome and making the experience as comfortable as brain surgery can be for you and your child.



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