What is stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG)?

Patients with refractory epilepsy – which means they have failed two seizure medications – should be referred to Level 4 Epilepsy Center for evaluation and surgical consideration.  As part of the surgical evaluation Children’s Minnesota neurosurgeons and Minnesota Epilesy Group epileptologists use stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) to identify the source of seizures within a child’s brain. SEEG is less invasive than the more widely used subdural electrode technique.

SEEG is a minimally invasive diagnostic surgical procedure to implant electrodes (about the width of a pencil lead) through small holes in the skull to the area of the brain where doctors think the seizures originate. The electrodes remain in the skull while the child is monitored in Children’s epilepsy unit to record seizure activity.  This could be about a week to 10-day stay on the unit before the electrodes are removed. The SEEG monitoring data is used to identify the source of the seizures and to determine if surgery may be an option to treat the seizures.

By using the SEEG in combination with the Rosa Robot, the procedure and anesthesia time is significantly reduced and the complications are minimized. As a minimally invasive procedure, the risk of infection is lower and patients experience less pain. Using Rosa increases the accuracy of electrode placements.

ROSA, a robotic operating surgical assistant

Children’s Minnesota uses a robotic operating surgical assistant (ROSA) to perform brain surgery and procedures. Its sophisticated software allows surgeons to provide precise treatment quicker due to the advanced image-guided surgical planning.

Our Level 4 Pediatric Epilepsy Center is the only one in Minnesota that combines the sophisticated technology of SEEG and Rosa.

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If you are a family member looking for a epilepsy surgery consult, please contact our Level 4 Pediatric Epilepsy Center at one of the following phone numbers:

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A seizure-free life

Children’s Minnesota is the only epilepsy center in Minnesota using sEEG and Rosa Robot technology to pinpoint the origins of seizures — and eliminate them.



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