Pediatric epilepsy treatment Level 4 Epilepsy Center

Children’s Minnesota and Minnesota Epilepsy Group are designated a Level 4 epilepsy center, which means we offer the highest level of diagnosis and treatment options for children with epilepsy. The center is accredited by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC).

Health experts in our epilepsy center provide diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment, and educational, psychological and neuropsychological services for patients from birth to age 21.

As one of the largest pediatric epilepsy centers in the country, we treat well over 700 patients every year. In fact, we care for more kids with epilepsy than any other hospital in the Upper Midwest. About 70% of Twin Cities’ patients choose Children’s Minnesota.

Advanced health technology and treatment options

  • Use of stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) and other tests to pinpoint where in the brain seizures originate
  • Only pediatric health system using Rosa Robot to facilitate SEEG procedure for advanced surgical diagnostics in children
  • Only pediatric hospital in the Midwest using laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT)
  • Pediatric neuroradiology expertise to use technology such as high-resolution 3T MRI and functional MRI, and magnetoencephalography (advanced brain mapping)
  • Extreme accuracy with intraoperative MRI, making surgery safer and more effective
  • Leading programs in the Upper Midwest for tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and chromosome 15 abnormalities
  • Targeted epilepsy surgery based on subdural grid placement, an advanced procedure using implanted electrodes to measure electrical activity directly on the brain’s surface
  • Kid-friendly video electroencephalography (VEEG), which gives children freedom to move and play during monitoring
  • Leader in clinical trials, drug studies and medical cannabis as treatment for seizure relief

Program update

Children's Minnesota epilepsy monitoring services moved from the St. Paul hospital to the Minneapolis hospital in August 2023.

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A seizure-free life

Children’s Minnesota is the only epilepsy center in Minnesota using sEEG and Rosa Robot technology to pinpoint the origins of seizures — and eliminate them.


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