Because growing brains need special care

The pediatric neurology program at Children’s Minnesota provides expert diagnosis and treatment for kids’ brain and nervous system conditions. We understand that developing brains should be handled with care. And we treat young patients with the same TLC.

The pediatric neurology team provides first-line care for brain tumors, epilepsy, head trauma, cerebral palsy and other nervous system issues that occur in babies, children and teens. We also work closely with Children’s unbeatable network of specialists to manage complex conditions. So whether it’s a bump on the head or a rare genetic disorder, we’ve got the perfect people to help.

Count on us

When it comes to pediatric neurology experience and expertise, Children’s numbers speak volumes:

  • 1,800+ kids are treated at Children’s each year for brain and nervous system conditions.
  • 500+ epilepsy patients were treated at Children’s this year, making us one of the busiest pediatric epilepsy centers in the country.
  • 55% of Twin Cities’ families choose Children’s for their kids’ neurology care.

Meeting a growing need

The need for pediatric neurology care has never been greater, and Children’s is committed to meeting that need. Our mission is simple: to provide the most comprehensive brain and nervous system care available anywhere.

That’s why we’re expanding our programs. The new Karen and George Benz Family Pediatric Neuroscience Center brings together just about every neurological subspecialist you can imagine — all on a single floor. Talk about an exceptional environment for care and research!

Let’s put our heads together

Dealing with a brain or nervous system condition can be stressful for your child and family. We may be brain experts, but only you really know what makes your child tick. That’s why we welcome parents as partners. Together, we can provide complete care for your child.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.