Pediatric sleep disorders: Quality rest is what we do best

Parents know good sleep is essential for children’s healthy growth and functioning. Parents also know that good sleep can be hard to come by.

Families seek out the Children’s Sleep Center for our experience in treating rare and common pediatric sleep disorders in infants, children and adolescents. At Children’s Minnesota we value health and specialize in identifying and treating the full gamut of sleep challenges, including and ranging from difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or with sleep apnea and breathing during sleep, to difficulties waking up and staying awake.

It’s sometimes hard to get kids to bed. Kids are not little adults, and neither are their sleep symptoms. All of our sleep physicians are pediatricians that are board-certified in pediatric sleep disorders, and our program is:

  • One of the only pediatric-centered programs in the region
  • One of only a handful that is nationally accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

A team solution for sleep problems and resolutions

Poor sleep can frustrate the entire family. We work with families to understand what’s normal and what’s not, and we individually tailor interventions for each patient.

No matter how difficult your situation feels, reaching out for support is your first step to your kid’s healthy good sleep. Our highly-trained pediatric physicians, nurses, psychologist, technologists and support staff work with your family to complete a thorough evaluation and develop a custom sleep solution with support that follows you home. Getting better and healthy sleep may come through behavioral adjustments, surgical interventions or medication.

Our Children’s sleep lab is second to none

Not all sleep problems require an overnight sleep study, but if our team, through research and evaluation, finds your child needs one, Children’s Minnesota is the place to be. At our 6-bed sleep lab, we have experienced cardiopulmonary technologists (CPTs) who are all respiratory therapists with additional training and certification. They know children, and they know how to use technology geared specifically for pediatric sleep studies.

During a sleep study, your child works with one dedicated cardiopulmonary technologist (CPT), who monitors and responds to your child’s needs throughout the night. This level of attention is different from adult sleep labs or even other pediatric sleep labs.

Learn more about what you can expect during an overnight sleep study.


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