Getting to know each other

The way we first meet depends on your child’s situation. Your child’s pediatrician may have referred you to us. Or maybe another specialist within the Children’s Minnesota network referred you to us. Or maybe you found us because you’re in search of sound pediatric sleep solution for your child and your family.

Preparing for a clinic visit

Before your first appointment, a Children’s Sleep Center nurse reviews your child’s clinical information and schedules your visit. Look for a packet of information in your mailbox or email inbox. This paperwork contains an important questionnaire that parents need to fill out prior to your child’s first visit.

The most important aspect of this questionnaire requires completion of a sleep log for approximately two weeks that reflects your child’s sleep pattern. This questionnaire is reviewed by the pediatric sleep physician at the time of your first visit.

Sleep questionnaire

Comprehensive questions for complete care

At your visit, you will be evaluated by one of our four board-certified pediatric sleep physicians or a nurse practitioner. This clinical evaluation includes:

  • Detailed sleep history
  • General medical history
  • Complete social history
  • Psychological and developmental screenings
  • Physical examination

If your child needs an overnight sleep study, you will be given a tour of the special diagnostic sleep lab immediately following your clinical evaluation, and you will receive an appointment for the test.

Prepare for your sleep study with our printable sleep booklets: Boy PDF / Girl PDF/ Versión de niño español / Versión de niña español / Girl (Hmong) / Boy (Hmong) / Girl (Somali) / Boy (Somali)

Follow-up to ease your ZZZZs

We engage parents in solutions whenever possible. Your evaluation may result in recommendations for sleep laboratory diagnostic testing, behavioral adjustments, surgical intervention and occasionally, medications. Whatever the case, our team will assist you with scheduling, facilitating diagnostics studies and providing follow-up management as appropriate.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.