Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) & Facial Plastic Surgery Research

    Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) & Facial Plastic Surgery Research

    • Resolving feeding difficulties with early airway intervention in Pierre Robin Sequence. Lidsky ME, Lander TA, Sidman JD.
    • Tracheotomy and decannulation rates in a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit: a 12-year study. Sidman JD, Jaguan A, Couser RJ.
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    • Validated assessment tools for pediatric airway endoscopy simulation. Jabbour N(1), Reihsen T, Payne NR, Finkelstein M, Sweet RM, Sidman JD.

    Cleft and Craniofacial

    • Pierre robin sequence: evaluation, management, indications for surgery, and pitfalls. Scott AR, Tibesar RJ, Sidman JD.
    • Airway management for intubation in newborns with pierre robin sequence. Marston AP, Lander TA, Tibesar RJ, Sidman JD.
    • Prevalence of positional plagiocephaly in teens born after the “back to sleep” campaign. Roby BB, Finkelstein M, Tibesar RJ, Sidman JD.
    • Mandibular distraction osteogenesis in infants younger than 3 months. Scott AR, Tibesar RJ, Lander TA, Sampson DE, Sidman JD.
    • Rates and risks of gastrostomy tubes in infants with cleft palate. Cu SR, Sidman JD.
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    • Mandibular distraction osteogenesis in the pediatric patient. Tibesar RJ, Sidman JD.
    • Distraction osteogenesis of the mandible. Fritz MA, Sidman JD.
    • Osteogenic distraction in the face. Bennett EC, Sidman JD.
    • Results of cleft palate repair with the double-reverse Z-plasty performed by residents. Mann EA, Sidman JD.
    • Triangular flap repair of the unilateral complete cleft lip. Sidman JD.
    • Effects of cleft lip and palate on the nasal airway in children. Warren DW, Hairfield WM, Dalston ET, Sidman JD, Pillsbury HC.
    • Conscious sedation in pediatric speech endoscopy. Heman-Ackah SE, Sidman JD, Lui M.
    • Distraction osteogenesis for cleft palate closure in a canine model. Tibesar RJ, Moore EJ, Bite U.
    • Complications and satisfaction with pediatric osseointegrated external ear prostheses.Hamming KK, Lund TW, Lander TA, Sidman JD.
    • Education Psychomotor skills training in pediatric airway endoscopy simulation. Jabbour N, Reihsen T, Sweet RM, Sidman JD.
    • Assessing instrument handling and operative consequences simultaneously: a simple method for creating synced multi-camera videos for endosurgical or microsurgical skills assessments. Jabbour N, Sidman JD.
    • Hearing outcomes in children with cleft palate and referred newborn hearing screen. Jordan VA(1), Sidman JD
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    • Resource utilization in primary repair of cleft lip. Owusu JA(1), Liu M, Sidman JD, Scott AR


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    • Predicting surgical outcomes in pediatric cervicofacial nontuberculous mycobacterial lymphadenitis. Parker NP(1), Scott AR, Finkelstein M, Tibesar RJ, Lander TA, Rimell FL, Sidman JD

    Ears and Hearing

    • Topical ofloxacin versus systemic amoxicillin/clavulanate in purulent otorrhea in children with tympanostomy tubes. Goldblatt EL, Dohar J, Nozza RJ, Nielsen RW, Goldberg T, Sidman JD, Seidlin M.
    • Characteristics of electrically evoked potentials in patients with auditory neuropathy/auditory dys-synchrony. Shallop JK, Jin SH, Driscoll CL, Tibesar RJ.
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    • Bone conduction noise exposure via ventilators in the neonatal intensive care unit. Kazemizadeh Gol MA(1), Black A, Sidman J.
    • Bioluminescent imaging of pneumococcal otitis media in chinchillas. Johnson AW(1), Sidman JD, Lin J.

    Nose and Sinuses

    • Sinus surgery in cystic fibrosis patients: comparison of sinus and lower airway cultures. Roby BB, McNamara J, Finkelstein M, Sidman JD.
    • Bilateral lateral rhinotomy incisions for medial maxillectomies in the management of pediatric invasive fungal sinusitis. Malhotra PS, Danahey D, Sidman JD.
    • Treatment and outcomes for epistaxis in children with Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia. Rosas RR, Kurth MH, Sidman JD.

    Vascular Malformations

    • Excision of periorbital hemangiomas to correct visual abnormalities. Schneider D, Lee MS, Harrison AR, Sidman JD.
    • Assessment of pulsed-dye laser therapy for pediatric cutaneous vascular anomalies. Sajan JA(1), Tibesar R, Jabbour N, Lander T, Hilger P, Sidman J.