You want the very best for your child and that’s why we recommend following the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for well child exams and immunizations. These schedules of preventive care and immunizations help you know what to expect and prepare your child at each age. Well child appointment schedules vary depending on your child’s needs. Follow your pediatrician’s recommendations.

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Reliable vaccine resources

Be well informed. If you have questions, talk with your pediatrician about the benefits and potential risks to vaccines, and to get accurate vaccine information. If you want to do more research, use these reliable vaccine resources from trusted experts including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Academy of Pediatrics.

Learn more about well child visits

Listen to Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota, on Children’s Pedcast as she answers questions and provides helpful information on well child visits. (36 min. audio)

Notice about additional services during well-child check-ups

Requesting and receiving services that are beyond the scope of your child’s well-child check-up may result in additional charges. Care for acute illness such as a cough or sore throat during a well-child check-up is an example of care that may result in a separate bill. We recommend you ask your insurance provider about your coverage before your appointment.

Children’s Comfort Promise

Taking the scary out of needles isn’t impossible. That’s why we’ve made a promise to our patients. We call it Children’s Comfort Promise. It means we will do everything possible to help prevent and treat pain.

Evidence supports that if we always use the following 4 steps, children will have less pain with needle procedures (like immunizations, lab draws or IV starts).

  1. Numb the skin
  2. Sugar water or breastfeeding (for babies 12 months or less)
  3. Comfort positioning
  4. Distraction

This is just one of the ways we go above and beyond for the most amazing people on earth.