Choosing a pediatrician

We are accepting new patients. West St. Paul Clinic offers expectant/new parents an opportunity to schedule “a meet the pediatrician appointment.” This is an opportunity to ask questions and get to know more about the pediatrician who would be caring for your child.

Learn more about the 3 pediatricians at the West St. Paul Clinic.

Things to consider when selecting a pediatrician

•   American Board of Pediatrics certified
•   American Academy of Pediatrics member
•   Years of experience
•   If they are unavailable, who else in the practice is available to care for your child?
•   In the event of an emergency, what hospital is the pediatrician affiliated with?
•   What are the office hours? What are the weekend or evening hours?
•   Are same-day sick appointments offered?
•   Is there a designated waiting area for well children and a separate one for sick children?
•   Is your insurance accepted?
•   If you need to cancel a well visit, how long will you need to wait until for a rescheduled appointment?
•   What is the typical wait time from the scheduled appointment to the time you see the doctor?
•   Is lab work done on the premises?