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Children’s Minnesota doctors present at MAFP conference

Children’s Minnesota doctors are well represented at the spring Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians conference. The Spring Refresher held March 27 and 28 is the largest Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference planned by and for family physicians in Minnesota. Four Children’s Minnesota doctors are sharing their areas of expertise.

Angela Goepferd, MD, pediatrician and director of medical education: Dr. Goepferd is presenting on “Becoming Who They Are: Caring for Transgender and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents.”

David Gregornik, PharmD, pharmacogenomics program director: Dr. Gregornik is presenting “Making Goldilocks Happy: Clinical Pharmacogenomics in Children and Adolescents.” His work expands the field of precision medicine to optimize drug selection to help prevent adverse drug reactions.

Rachel Miller, MD, medical director pediatric and adolescent gynecology: Dr. Miller is giving an update on pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

Stephen Nelson, MD, pediatric hematologist and director of hemoglobinopathy program: Dr. Nelson is presenting “Race, Racism and Health Equity: What Can I Do About It?”

The conference allows family physicians to earn continuing medical education credits and hear from leaders in their fields.

Laura Stokes