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New Year’s resolutions for families and for kids

New year, new you. The beginning of a new year provides us with an opportunity for a fresh start. Every year on January 1, people make plans to change their life in some way. Whether that be to change their exercise schedule, work on their mental health or simply try something new, the new year is a great time to kickstart a new habit in your life.

However, adults aren’t the only ones who can make New Year’s resolutions. There are plenty of ways for kids to make resolutions and families to set goals to achieve together.

Tips for families to make resolutions together

Work together
Ask your kids what you can do to improve yourself. Soliciting this information provides an opportunity for you to ask your children how they can make improvements themselves.

Be realistic
Make realistic goals that can be accomplished throughout the year. It may also be helpful to set goals that can be measured. For example, instead of saying you want to make all new friends, set a goal to make one or two new friends.

Make vision boards
Create a vision board as a family and include your goals so that everyone can see them and hold each other accountable as the weeks go on.

Don’t give up
Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay to slip up on a resolution. After all, we’re all still learning. Make sure kids know that they don’t have to wait until the next new year if they accidentally fall into old habits.

New Year’s resolutions for kids

Sometimes resolutions might not make sense for younger children, so consider starting the conversation about setting goals when your kids are a bit older, around elementary age. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for that are appropriate for kids:

Focus on well-being
Making resolutions like getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep every night or naming two things they’re thankful for each night can help improve their well-being.

Help others
Remind your children, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to just be about themselves. They can set goals to go out of their way to do one act of kindness every day, or start a family giving jar that extra change is collected throughout the year and is donated at the end of the year.

Improve health
Resolutions surrounding a child’s health can be beneficial but also fun. Kids can make a goal to drink one extra glass of water each day, or set up monthly play dates with friends.

Try something new
Ask your kids what they want to try new this year. Whether they want learn about a new culture, plant a garden or practice a new sport or hobby.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! Try any of these suggestions to make year 2024 the best one yet for your family and your kids.

Alexandra Rothstein