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Clinic assistant shares his nine-year career experience at Children’s Minnesota 

At Children’s Minnesota, we believe children always come first. They are awesomely resilient. Eternally optimistic. Totally fearless. They are what we want to be when we grow up. 

Nathaniel Kling is currently a clinic assistant in the pain and palliative care program. He first started working at Children’s Minnesota back in 2013 as a family resource representative at the Welcome Center. Nathaniel is also a recipient of our Nursing Scholarship as he is currently attending school to become a nurse. Below are a few of Nathaniel’s favorite things about his career and working at Children’s Minnesota.  

What’s your position and how long have you been at Children’s Minnesota? 

“I am a clinic assistant in pain and palliative care. However, I have helped out in hematology/oncology, genetics, diabetes, and rehab clinics when they’ve been short staffed. I started at Children’s Minnesota in 2013 working at the Welcome Center as a family resource representative.” 

Tell us why you like your job and position.

“The families of kiddos with chronic pain, complex conditions and life-limiting illness often have extensive experience navigating the world of health care, unfortunately accumulating a lot of disappointment along the way. Families coming to pain and palliative care need time to explain their child’s complex needs, what has worked and failed in the past, and any goals that they have for their child. As one of the first points of contact, I have the responsibility of setting the tone for the family. I love that I get to be a listening ear for families who are often fed up and discouraged and offer some hope as they are connected with our incredibly skilled and compassionate providers.” 

What do you like about working in this field/department? 

“I am endlessly inspired by the children and families who come to pain and palliative care. I am moved by the resilience of these kids who have so much to overcome and their families who share the heavy burden. Our nurses and providers are some of the most compassionate people I have ever encountered. The care they provide has a profound impact on families facing immensely difficult and painful circumstances. All of this has inspired me to go back to school to become a nurse. I am about to start my final semester of the University of Minnesota Master of Nursing program and will graduate in December. I look forward to serving this population as a nurse after I graduate.” 

Why do you like working at Children’s Minnesota? 

“Who can argue with the mission? Kids first! It’s all about the kids here. I see that modeled every day and it motivates me to provide the best experience possible for the kids and families.” 

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